Poetry Slam winners!

Congratulations to all the Poetry Slam winners! Your words have provoked emotions and captured your essence when presenting your poems. Your creativity shined brightly through your poems and you should feel proud of doing it in front of an audience and judges. 

1st Grade
1st Place / Zara Yunuen Herrera Gallardo
2nd Place / Joel Mateo Marcial Alvarado
3rd Place  / Erika Monserrat López Ramos

2nd Grade
1st Place / Luis David Vidaña Montalván
2nd Place / Juan Carlos Castro García
3rd Place / Jesús Chávez Álvarez

3rd Grade
1st Place / Mauro Viedma González
2nd Place / Valeria Mabel Mendoza Sánchez
3rd Place / Alan Patricio Mariscal García-Sela

4th Grade
1st Place / Victoria Martínez Gómez
2nd Place / Elena Blanco González
3rd Place / Bruno Torales Pasquali

5th Grade
1st Place / Pablo Octavio Mariscal García-Sela
2nd Place / Christina Cantú Carrasco
3rd Place / René Flores Sánchez
María José Arias Hernández