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Welcome to HopeMUN

Secretary-General Sofía Mora.

Dear Delegates,

My name is Sofia Mora, it is a great pleasure for me to be the Secretary General of HopeMUN 2020.
My team and I are more than happy for your future participation in our event and we hope you enjoy it. Due to the importance of technology and social media in our daily lives, we decided to address the theme of Digital Citizenship, which embraces all the quality habits, actions and consumption matters of any digital content and the effect that creates in the society. Our goal is to encourage teenagers to become critical and conscious of everything concerned to digital topics and the impact it has in our modern lives.

“The human spirit must prevail over technology”

-Albert Einstein

About Us


To motivate and prepare
students in creating
viable solutions for
social issues.


HOPEMUN’s vision is to create
a platform in which students
can develop various diplomatic
skills and therefore become active
honorable world citizens.

General Objectives

:: Create a Model UN that targets social issues.
:: Challenge students on a mental and physical level.
:: Enhance student’s skills in:
+ Team Work
+ Problem Solving
+ Critical Thinking Skills
+ Diplomacy
+ Research Skills
+ Creativity

Delegate Information

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Here you will find all the necessary tools and information to succeed at our Model UN event.

Delegate Fee $450.00

The cost of our event includes materials for delegates, bracelet, food, beverages and a MUN T-Shirt. Advisor fee $225.00

General Assembly:

Addressing the advantages and disadvantages of Net Neutrality.

Chair: Ricardo Mora.
Co-Chair: Daniel Aguilar.

Please send your position paper to


OAS Committee of Science and Technology:

Determining if Cryptocurrency is a Viable Resource as a Regional  Currency (Latin America, Petro).

Chair: Oswaldo Machado.
Co-Chair: Olivia Sáenz.

Please send your position paper to 


United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC):

Preventing Mass Media Violence.

Chair: Luis Servín.
Co-Chair: Emma Povea.

Please send your position paper to 


Facebook Board of Directors:

Facing the New Digital Era and its Challenges.

 Chair: Alejandro Peña.
Co-Chair: Majo Azuela.

Please send your position paper to


Committee on Protection of Children Online (CPCO):

Protecting Children on the Internet and Enforcing Digital Security.

Chair: Víctor Mendoza.
Co-Chair: Mariana Perea.


Please send your position paper to


The Supreme Court of Justice. (United States of America):

Google v. Oracle.

Chair: Sophia González.
Co-Chair: José Eduardo.

Please send your position paper to


World Health Organization (WHO):

Tackling Nomophobia as a Modern Pathology World Wide.

Chair: Julieta Lara.
Co-Chair: Federica Lo Russo.

Please send your position paper to


Inter-American Committee of Science and Technology (IACST):

Establishing Ethical Boundaries on Artificial Intelligence in Society 2045.

Chair: Johan Camacho.
Co-Chair: Nicolás Lombana.


Please send your position paper to


International Conference on Cybersecurity (ICCS):

Enhancing International Government Cybersecurity.

Chair: Daniela González.
Co-Chair: Emiliano Colunga

Please send your position paper to


Commission on Science and Technology for Development (CSTD):

Developing an International Digital Etiquette Policy.

Chair: Diana Villaseñor.
Co-Chair: Samantha Ortíz.


Please send your position paper to


High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development:

Digital Transformation: Development and Implementation in Public Security.

Chair: Ivana Paredes.
Co-Chair: Anel Mendiola.
Junior Co-Chair: Santiago Ríos


Please send your position paper to


United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP):

Technological Development for Prevention and Security of Natural Disasters.

Chair: Samir Kalsi.
Co-Chair: Javier Gutiérrez.
Junior Co-Chair: Carla Chávez


Please send your position paper to


Registration is required to participate in HopeMUN.

Registration Deadline: February 7th  // Payment Deadline: February 7th

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HopeMUN 2020

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